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openMDM: DIAdem as part of an open software platform for measurement data management

Integrated workflows ensure more transparency and accountability

In 2005, the foundations for the development of an extremely interesting open source project in the field of measurement data management (MDM) were laid at Audi in Ingolstadt: The openMDM Framework. From these origins, and after years of intensive development and standardization work, an MDM community with a continually growing user base has been established.

The openMDM Framework is now available in version 4.3. It consists of a series of reusable software components which are under constant development by companies such as Peak Solution, and made available to every member of the openMDM community.

In order to establish a cross-application, vendor-neutral standard, the openMDM Framework uses ASAM ODS as its data model. Through customizing, a wide range of applications can be implemented for the most diverse technical requirements in the field of measurement and testing. This not only allows measurement data from a very wide range of measurement systems – together with the test data as meta data – to be transparently stored in a central database, retrieved and made available to applications for further processing, but to at the same time map entire workflows in the test departments. One part of this workflow is frequently DIAdem, which is connected via a standardized interface (a so-called loading ramp).

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