Smart Card Management

Manage multifunctional ID media

ID media – such as chip cards, USB tokens or NFC cell phones – are today the key for a growing number of applications. For example, they have become established as wirelessly readable passes for access control or as a secure storage medium for digital certificates for the authentication of IT users and the encryption of data.

With our smart card management solutions, we put you in a position to be able to manage multifunctional ID media across various applications.

We support all important coding procedures with just one system: Both for contact-based chip cards, based for instance on STARCOS, CARDOS or JavaCards and for contactless chip cards, based for instance on LEGIC prime and advant, MIFARE classic and DESFire or HITAG, HID Prox or iCLASS

Our solutions can be integrated into existing system landscapes without problem and communicate via standardized connectors with a wide variety of applications from the field of human resources (e.g. SAP), time and access (e.g. KABA, Interflex, Primion or Bosch), cafeteria (e.g. CashControl Kassensysteme, Automaten Seitz), Public Key Infrastructure (e.g. Microsoft or Nexus) as well as Identity Management (e.g. Novell, Quest or Siemens).

Freely-definable print layouts offer you the possibility of creating different types of ID cards for different user groups, such as for employees, visitors or customers. The individually adjustable processing workflows and security guidelines make the subsequent management of the multifunctional chip cards secure and efficient.

Based on the product from our partner Nexus, we can implement also very demanding tasks in the field of smart card management on a future-proof basis.



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