Strong Authentication

Protect IT systems against unauthorized access

Today, if you want to protect your IT systems reliably from unauthorized access, you can no longer ignore strong authentication procedures!

No matter whether it is SmartCards, USB tokens, one-time passwords or SD cards. We provide you with the appropriate solutions for strong authentication, including the necessary middleware and public key infrastructure (PKI). In this respect, we place special emphasis on the central management of user credentials, as well as on the seamless integration of the solution into your existing IT environment.

And: in combination with single-sign-on solutions, daily access to the wide range of IT systems can also be set up in a user-friendly manner. After logging in just once to the system, the user can quickly and in personalized form access all applications, services and information relevant to his work. Authentication of the user with individual IT systems is taken over in this case by the single-sign-on mechanism.

Our strong authentication and single-sign-on solutions are based on technologies and components from the following manufacturers:

- Microsoft, Cryptovision, Nexus, Entrust, Gemalto, Siemens, Evidian, Novell, and others -

As a manufacturer-independent provider, we will be pleased to explain to you the many possibilities you have of implementing strong authentication in your company and discuss with you the respective pros and cons of the various solution approaches.



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