Authorization analysis

Critical comments in your IT audit report?

Your IT audit report contains critical comments, as users are not correctly managed in your IT systems?

Sometimes it is hard to comply with guidelines (compliance). The auditors require a comprehensive overview of current and previous authorizations and that supervisors or system administrators regularly check the IT users. This is time-consuming and lowers the budget.

We bundled our experiences from different successfully implemented compliance and identity management projects in the solution package “Scan2Go”.

The goal of “Scan2Go” is to enable a company to easily comply with the requirements of an IT audit concerning accesses and authorizations within just a couple of days. Furthermore, the automated audit/recertification of the user authorization is introduced, which proactively guarantees compliance with the guidelines.

Your benefits from using “Scan2Go”:

  • central overview and reporting of user accesses to all relevant systems that are used for internal and external audits,
  • a faster provision of flexible solutions concerning automated periodical audits/recertifications,
  • Best Practice IT processes to manage audits/recertifications and eliminate time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes,
  • a fully documented audit trail on the audit/recertification,
  • clearly defined, verifiable automatic escalation and evaluation procedures
  • a significantly higher efficiency, faster ROI of current IT investments and reduced auditing costs.
“Scan2Go” can be used to supplement existing identity management systems or as a first step towards a central user and authorization administration across different systems

If you are interested in our “Scan2Go” solution and would like to effectively comply with your guidelines, please contact us.

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