Peak Test Data Manager

Peak Test Data Manager (PeakTDM) is an open software platform for storing and managing measurement data from different measurement and automation systems consistently. The standard ASAM ODS serves as a system-neutral data hub. Entitled users can define application-specific data models, which allow the management of test data from a variety of test domains. Due to the systematic and comprehensive documentation of the entire test context (= meta data), your test engineers can easily find and correctly interpret all measurements in the long term. Powerful navigation and search functions support them exploring the data in a variety of ways. Various analysis tools can be flexibly integrated into the application. As a result, you do not run the risk of an unwanted vendor-lock-in. Big Data extensions enable you to perform scalable analytics using new technologies for distributed data processing, advanced visualization, data mining and machine learning.




Peak TDM allows the individual configuration of meta data models and ...
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PeakTDM can be operated either as a team solution for managing ...
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PeakTDM protects confidential infor-mation from unauthorized access and ...
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Investment Protection

PeakTDM bases on open standards, best practices of well-known ...
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ASAM ODS - Standardized storage of test data

PeakTDM leverages ASAM ODS ( for the persistent storage and retrieval of test data. The ...
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Peak ODS Server

Peak ODS Server - Enterprise-wide fusion of test data

In the context of comprehensive data management systems, Peak ODS Server (PODS) acts as a data ...
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Peak DTT

Peak Data Transfer Tool - Connecting various data sources

Peak Data Transfer Tool (PeakDTT) converts measurement data and meta data of various data ...
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Peak TDM Client

PeakTDM Client - An Integrated working place for your tool chain

The versatile features of the PeakTDM-Clients support users efficiently in carrying out the individual ...
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Peak TDM@Web

Peak TDM@Web - Global access to test data

The modern multi-layer architecture of  PTDM@Web allows the connection of multiple data sources via ...
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Peak Big Data

Peak Big Data Extensions - A basis for scalable analytics

With the Peak Big Data Extensions (PeakBDE) , Peak Solution provides ASAM ODS compliant software ...
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Peak Solution

Peak Solution is a leading provider of software solutions for the automotive testing field. Our solutions allow complex test processes to be transparently organized and efficiently managed. For example, automobile manufacturers and suppliers use our tools for conflict-free planning of tests, global application of test tasks and for standardized storage of measurement data. The applications are based on state-of-the-art information technology, open industry standards and powerful product platforms. Peak Solution is an active member of ASAM e.V. and the Eclipse openMDM® Working Group, where we have been responsible for the international standardization of data formats, interfaces and software frameworks for many years. Peak Solution's headquarters are located in Nuremberg, Germany, and we conduct our international operations from here. A subsidiary in Shanghai guarantees the necessary proximity to our customers in China. Local partners provide support for our non-European customers outside China.


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