User and authorization management

Transparent managemend of permissions

Employees, partners, suppliers and customers today all require access to a wide range of IT resources, such as networks, databases and applications systems. Thanks to our solutions user and authorization management solution, identity data, accounts and access rights for individual users can be managed from the day of their creation to the day the user is leaving the company and across different systems. Through the right combination of workflows, guidelines, synchronization mechanisms, provisioning and deprovisioning procedures, role management and user self services, you improve the efficiency of your administration processes and at the same time minimize the risks of manual activities. Reporting, auditing and attesting functions additionally ensure that your compliance requirements can be better fulfilled.

Our user and authorization management solutions are based on the following product platforms:

  • Novell Identity Manager
  • Quest One Identity Manager
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager
  • Siemens DirX Identity Manager

All these products are characterized by extensive functionality and the highest levels of performance. We would be pleased to inform you in detail about how we can use these products to put into practice even very complex user and authorization management demands at your company.


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