Due to frequent technical advances and short lifetimes of IT-systems in general, the evolution of software must be considered in the design. PSS uses a service-oriented architecture enabling for modularization and the evolution of requirements for individual components.



All parts of the system can be scaled horizontally and therefore be optimized for an arbitrary user base. The deployment of servers for load-balancing can be automated.



The system can be extended by standard modules or customer individual extensions at any time. The service-based architecture allows for fine-grained updates and ensures optimal maintainability.



Peak Security Suite can be operated in parts or as a whole in the majority of cloud platforms. Messages between private infrastructure and the cloud are filtered before passed to a standardized message queueing system.


System Integrations

Since the system uses RESTful services, the program logic can be executed without an additional user interface. It can therefore be integrated seemlessly into existing infrastructures.