Peak Security Suite is a web-based solution to control diverse Identity- and Entitlement-related processes effectively in a central platform. Besides the management of employee identities, it brings functionality related to physical access such as the Management and Reporting of Visitors and Contractors.



Modern applications interfaces and pre-defined connectors can be used to integrate systems for Identity Management, Physical Access and Badge Production with minimal effort. Complex use-cases such as the integration of tenants with self-managed physical areas and industrial real estates are covered reliably.



Identity Checks, Entitlements and other services, such as the use of Wifi for visitors, can be requested by your Employees in a cloud-native User-Self-Service. This not only reduces administrative overhead, but also increases user confidence and comfort of use for end-users.


Workflows and rule-based Processing

Dynamic Rules and Workflows enable the adaptation of your very own enterprise processes into the platform. Different approval steps and pre-requisited can be interleaved efficiently with highest possible transparency. Approvals are not only possible for identities like smart cards, but also for Visitors, Contractors and especially for physical access rights that are automatically provisioned to your current PACS independently of the supplier.



An extensive catalog of pre-defined reports for managed identities, badges, entitlements and visitors is an integral constituent of Peak Security Suite. Additional reports with highest complexity can be added if required.



With the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation, in short EU-DATAP, you will be required to establish highest Standards to ensure your Employees private data will remain private. Required functionality, documentation and reporting mechanisms are an intrinsic part of Peak Security Suite and support you in this process.

Einführung und Rollout

Mirgration and Rollout

Functionality for a simple and friction-less migration to the platform is an intrinsic feature of Peak Security Suite. Migrating data from other systems, the re-organisation of entitlements, ahead-of-time badge production and the initial badge rollout are among the multitude of functions available for this matter.