Standardized measurement data management

The ODS (Open Data Service) data format was developed by ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems). Peak Solution has been a member at ASAM for many years and actively promotes the standardization of data formats, interfaces and protocols for testing systems.

In contrast to proprietary data formats, the use of ASAM ODS offers you several crucial benefits:

  • The possibility to flexibly save all basic conditions of a test (= metadata) together with the measurement data and test results enables you to quickly find test data, interpret them unambiguously and compare them over the long term.
  • The standardized access to test data ensures you the highest possible transparency in regard to the availability and provision of test data throughout test bays, departments and sites.
  • Based on the manufacturer-independent data exchange format ATFx, it is possible to transfer measurement data together with their descriptive information between different measurement and analysis systems easily and without time-consuming converting programs.

The standard allows you to define your own subject-specific data models (= application models) for the management of test data. This way, you can cover a broad field of applications.

Additionally, against the background of the increasing compliance requirements with ASAM ODS, you can make sure that important test data can be found and interpreted correctly even after many years and irrespective of individual persons and the software products of specific manufacturers.

The Peak ODS Server offers all the required prerequisites you need to implement ODS-based solutions quickly and reliably.

Our recommendation: Make an appointment with our ODS specialists. They are happy to answer any question you might have on the use of ASAM ODS.


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