Big Data

Handling all mass data

Whenever large amounts of test data have to be stored economically and evaluated thoroughly, traditional measurement data management systems often reach a limit.

The example of autonomous driving: When testing driver assistance systems, enormous masses of test data have to be managed. This is the only way all relevant environmental situations can be covered. In order to reproduce analyses and tests at a later time, specific access to individual parts of the database is necessary.

With Big Data, we offer software solutions with which you can comprehensively manage the mass data from the testing and simulation environment. Among others, this is based on:

  • Highly scalable software architectures for data storage and processing
  • Adapter to extract and transform existing test data in the Big Data environment
  • Connectors to access different measurement data formats
  • Search and discovery processes for the selective search of test data
  • Data processing tools to efficiently search and analyse databases
  • Frameworks for the visualization of test data

An important part of our Big Data solutions are established standards such as ASAM ODS and openMDM®. This allows for applications that have been proven their worth for many years in your company to be used in combination with Big Data.

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