Measurement data management

Long-terms use of test results

Testing vehicles or their components involves large amounts of data that are often collected with very specific test procedures and measuring systems.

Proprietary formats and individual storage structures for these data often lead to a lack in transparency and searchability. The consequences: It’s hard for other teams to access their colleagues' test results. It is not uncommon for the same tests to be performed several times in different projects and departments.

Test data from different test systems need to be managed uniformly in order to always interpret and compare them correctly, even from a different location or at different times.

You can achieve that with our solutions for measurement data management: The basis for this are manufacturer-independent standards (e. g. ASAM ODS), open software platforms (e. g. openMDM®) and self-developed high-performance products (e. g. Peak ODS Server), which we integrate into universal tool chains. This way, it is possible to both meet the specific requirements of your individual expert fields (e. g. NHV, crash, aggregates, driver assistance systems, etc.) flexibly and use your measurement data in the context of a global Backbone System throughout the company.

Our solutions guarantee you this:

  • Flexibility – measuring equipment and analysis software from various vendors can be integrated without trouble. Tested software modules map your specific requirements and workflows.
  • Transparency – measurement and metadata are saved irrespective of specific test systems and can be used throughout the company.
  • Security – data are managed, backed up and archived centrally. A detailed rights administration ensures protection.
  • Process support – partially automated processes; from the test definition to data storage, reduce the need for tedious routine work and lower costs.

Benefit from our considerable experience and numerous best practices in the field of measurement data management. We would be pleased to inform you in more detail.


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