Test planning

Test transparency

Due to increasing complexity and high cost pressure when developing vehicles, the full exploitation of all test capacities is increasingly becoming more ubiquitous. To offer the best support for associated processes, all process-related information has to be managed as efficiently as possible.

Our software solutions Peak Resource Planner, Peak Resource Manager and Peak Test Data Manager can help you with that. The software gives the user the necessary transparency for all test data and makes sure that test resources are being used ideally. Among others, you can cover the following fields of application with our solution modules:

  • Creating factory and test orders
  • Management of test parts including their development status and history
  • Management of test benches, test vehicles and measuring equipment
  • Planning of test projects
  • Allocation of test resources
  • Management of measurement data and test results

Additionally, the database can be used as a source for evaluations and statistics such as the calculation of process times and costs for the verification of individual products or the allocation and utilization of test resources.

Our solution modules can be used either as standalones, for example as distributed modules in your local company sites, or centrally, for example as part of a global Backbone System. In both cases, we will integrate the modules as an overall solution that seamlessly provides the users with all process-related test information.

We are happy to give you detailed information on how you can use our software modules to clearly plan all testing tasks and systematically manage and easily retrieve all related information.


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