A scalable platform for measurement data management

openMDM® is a modular software system with which scalable applications for measurement data management can be implemented economically. Peak Solution is said to be a pioneering openMDM® specialist.

The single software components of openMDM® are developed and maintained by the openMDM® Eclipse Working Group. All work results of this group are published under the Eclipse Public License.

The openMDM® software components help users with the individual steps of the test procedure and therefore enable standardization and automation of recurring work sequences. Data is saved based on ASAM ODS.

Measuring systems and analysis tools by different providers (e.g. AVL, National Instruments, Siemens LMS, Mathworks, IMC, Head Accoustics, MüllerBBM and many others) can be flexibly integrated into openMDM® applications using open interfaces.

The openMDM® components can easily be adjusted to specific requirements with configuration and administration tools.

In addition, the component-based architecture of openMDM® allows for the continuously variable scaling of applications - from the local, specialist solution for certain departments through to the company-wide measurement data warehouse that can be used across various locations.

Among others, openMDM® uses the Peak ODS Server. as a high-performance, stable and scalable basis for communication with ASAM ODS.


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