Peak ODS Permission Manager

Reliable protection for measurement data

Based on ASAM ODS, large amounts of test data from different specialist fields can be managed - independent of the test systems used and across all departments. Among others, the standard also offers efficient mechanisms to protect the data from unauthorized access.


The Peak ODS Permission Manager helps you to automate the often very complex allocation of granular read, write, edit and delete authorizations for different ODS instances (e.g. projects) and their assigned elements (e.g. tests and measurement results that are linked to a project).

This is done on the basis of freely definable criteria and conditions, which you can comfortably manage in an administration interface. For example: At periodic intervals, the Peak ODS Permission Manager determines those projects, tests and measurement results to which the defined selection criteria apply (e.g. project type = confidential) and allocates or withdraws the respectively included rights for the defined user groups.

In this way, it is guaranteed that the access to new test data or tests that change their status over time is protected promptly and in accordance with the agreed security and confidentiality guidelines.

Our ODS specialists will be happy to provide more details if you need them.

Essential features of the Peak ODS Permission Manager:

  • Automated allocation of access authorizations for ODS data
  • Web-based interface for the administration of rules governing the allocation of access authorizations
  • Suitable for use in connection with the Peak ODS Server

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