Peak ODS Server

Reliable implementation of ASAM ODS

Well-known automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide use the Peak ODS Server to reliably implement ASAM ODS-based measurement data management solutions.

ASAM ODS has established itself as a standard for the storage of test data in the automotive industry. With its generic data model, the standardized access and security mechanisms as well as a defined data exchange format based on XML, ASAM ODDS creates a reliable and flexible base for the long-term use of test data from any field of application (e.g. acoustics, vehicle safety, aggregates, electronics, etc.).


The Peak ODS server is a platform-independent, high-performance solution for storing and accessing test and measurement data based on the current ASAM ODS standard 6.0.1. As a Java application, the Peak ODS server runs on all major operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, and supports many popular databases (such as Oracle and MS SQL Server).

Concerning the number of users, the data volume and the spatial distribution, the Peak ODS Server is infinitely scalable. Due to its modern application design, small as well as large quantities of data can be managed easily and with great performance in local applications or across different sites, regardless of the number of users. The license model of the Peak ODS Server was designed to be just as flexible.

The Peak ODS Server is complemented by a series of tools, which facilitate operation, administration and protection of ODS. This includes, for instance, the Peak ODS Monitoring Dashboard, as well as the Peak ODS Editor and the Peak ODS Permission Manager.

Moreover, the Peak ODS Server offers the possibility of saving the data in a Big Data Cluster. The Peak Advanced Search Engine allows our users to search the BigODS databases in detail and analyze them.

We would be pleased to inform you in more detail about how you can implement your complex requirements concerning the storage of measurement data with the help of the Peak ODS Server.

Essential features of the Peak ODS Server:

  • Modern application design based on Java
  • Supported ASAM standard: ODS 6.0.1
  • Supports ODS Extended Query 
  • Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux 
  • Supported databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Apache Derby, mySQL
  • Ways to save mass data: Blob in Database, External Component Files, Single Point Storage
  • Supports any desired ODS-compliant application models 
  • High performance, stability and scalability
  • Suitable for use in connection with the measurement data management Framework openMDM®
  • Economical license model

Providers who would like to use the Peak ODS Server in their own OEM solutions or customer projects will find that Peak Solution has a fair partner concept with interesting conditions.


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