Peak Resource Manager

Systematically manage test resources


The Peak Resource Planner is a software solution with which you can centrally manage the life cycle of test benches, measuring equipment (e.g. I/O modules, sensors, dummies and pallets), test parts and test vehicles. The system stores all relevant information about the different types of resource. These include, for example, site, availability and calibration and maintenance state. Complementary documents such as assembly regulations, device images or test reports can be added at any time.

The individual resources are shown as a tree with hierarchically-structured resource components and the accompanying detail information. This way, you can map any object structure without further ado.

The assembly state of a resource can be traced at any time.

We will be happy to provide more details if you need them.

Essential features of the Peak Resource Manager:

  • Can distinguish between different resource types
  • Description of resources with the help of freely definable attributes
  • Import resource information from pre-existing systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Hierarchic portrayal of resource component structures
  • Management of individual resource parts
  • Management of additional information elements of a resource (e.g. measuring points, sensors, etc.)
  • Management of comments about resources
  • Management of complementary documents
  • Per-item comparison of the resource assembly states
  • “Freezing” the assembly state of resources (version management)
  • Revision history of resource assembly states
  • Managing resource statuses
  • Proof of use of resources
  • Export reports to Excel
  • openMDM® and Peak Resource Planner interfaces

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