Peak Resource Planner

Use test facilities to capacity without conflicts

A lack in transparency regarding the availability of test resources frequently leads to annoying, time-consuming and cost-intensive allocation conflicts. This is where the Peak Resource Planner (PRP) comes in.

The software informs you about the availability of test resources and helps you allocate them with comfortable planning functions. This way, you can avoid unintended multiple assignments and efficiently use your test resources.


Allocating test benches, managing test samples, measuring equipment and devices, setting up test assemblies and assigning employees – all this needs to be sorted out in daily test planning. The Peak Resource Planner enables efficient capacity utilization of test resources and effectively avoids multiple assignments.

  • Process support – freely definable test templates facilitate the description of tests and the required resources.
  • Transparency – different calendar depictions present you with a clear overview of the planning, capacity utilization of test benches or the availability of special test equipment.
  • Flexibility – for different test types, you can determine which resources you would like to use as a basis for the planning.
  • Security – test descriptions and test planning are managed centrally in one database. Access is protected via role and rights management.

We will gladly provide more details about how you can use your test resources to full capacity without conflicts using the Peak Resource Planner.

Essential features of the Peak Resource Planner:

  • Freely definable description of all test resources and dependencies (e.g. test specimen, test benches, measuring equipment, facilities, staff, etc.)
  • Automated data exchange with upstream and downstream applications (e. g. order management, test specimen tracking, measurement data management, etc.)
  • Planning of test projects
  • User-friendly allocation of test resources and display of allocation suggestions by software wizards
  • Entering lock times for the allocation of resources (e.g. weekends, vacations, etc.) as well as defining fixed dates and time intervals for specific allocation types (e.g. maintenance, calibration, conversion, etc.)
  • Graphical representation, comfortable planning and movement of allocations by drag & drop
  • File Manager for the assignment of test results, SOPs, protocols, etc.
  • Display of individual availability calendar for different types of resources (multi-dimensional planning view)
  • Display of different calendar periods (day, week, month, individual) and calendar views (horizontal, vertical)
  • Issuance of warnings in case of allocation conflicts
  • Commissioning of tests
  • E-mail notification
  • Report and user statistics (e.g. allocation and test reports as well as utilization profiles)
  • Multilingual dialogs
  • Central management and storage of test resources and test planning
  • Role and authorization concept

You can get a first impression of the Peak Resource Planner with our introductory videos (part 1,2 and 3).


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