Peak Test Data Manager

Implementing test data management efficiently

The Peak Test Data Manager is a ASAM ODS solution for measurement data management based on software components of the openMDM® 4 Framework that were chosen and further developed by Peak Solutions. The Peak Test Data Manager helps you with the individual steps of the test procedures and therefore enable standardized or automated recurring work sequences.


The Peak Test Data Manager process support covers everything from test description, test commissioning and test data storage to navigation, search and selection. Measuring systems and analysis tools from different manufacturers can be integrated into the process flexibly with standardized interfaces.

Thanks to the generic data model of ASAM ODS, your specific requirements for data storage can be customized quickly and easily at any time. On request, we can also deliver the Peak Test Data Manager with predefined application models for different fields of application (e.g. NVH, crash and engine testing).

We will gladly provide more details about the various options your Peak Test Data Manager offers.

Essential features of the Peak Test Data Manager:

  • Standardized test data storage based on ASAM ODS and Peak ODS Server
  • Templates for the description of test orders, test specimens, measurement equipment, etc. (metadata) can be defined individually
  • Rule-based generation of unique test designations and automatic performance of actions (e.g. creating a pdf order and sending it by email) when the test is commissioned
  • Import of ASAM ATFx files (further import interfaces for different file formats available)
  • Structured display of test data in definable hierarchy levels (e.g. field, project, test series, test, etc.)
  • Linking of data objects on single hierarchy levels with any desired files (e.g. measurement data, descriptions, evaluations, etc.)
  • Different viewers to display test data and measured values
  • Complex search runs based on all data objects and object attributes available in the system
  • Export of ASAM ATFx files (further export interfaces for different file formats available)
  • Release and locking of individual test data for specific user groups (authorization management)
  • Creation of individual application models with customizing tool

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