PeakTDM allows the individual configuration of meta data models and implementation of integrated tool chains for managing test data from a variety of test domains

  • Versatile ways for managing meta data in order to correctly interpret measurement data in the long term
  • Import and export of different measurement data formats coming from test stands, driving tests and simulations
  • Powerful navigation and search functions for exploring test data
  • Integration of common tools for measurement data analysis and test reporting



PeakTDM can be operated either as a team solution for managing domain-specific measurement data or as a global, company-wide test data information system

  • Connection of multiple measurement data sources, hosted at different locations
  • Application design for managing small as well as large quantities of test data
  • Modern multi-layer architecture for global access to test data
  • Big Data extensions for implementing high performance architectures and scalable analytics



PeakTDM protects confidential information from unauthorized access and avoids the manipulation or loss of test data

  • Tools for administrating, operating and safeguarding the system
  • Fine granular possibilities for assigning access rights from project up to channel level
  • Authentication via LDAP, SAML or openID Connect
  • Fulfillment of proof obligations according to legal requirements


Investment Protection

PeakTDM bases on open standards, best practices of well-known companies and follows a clear roadmap regarding the further development

  • Data storage, access and exchange based on the widely used industry standard ASAM ODS
  • Independence from the specific measuring and analysis tools of individual vendors
  • Use of modern, open and widespread IT technologies to avoid proprietary solutions and vendor-lock-in
  • Support and software maintenance for all components of the solution in the long term