User reports

User reports

Here you can read some interesting customer reports about our solutions and services.

Measurement data management based on openMDM® at FEV GmbH FEV is one of the leading international automotive R&D service providers in the field of drive technology and combustion engines in particular. At the same time, the company... more
openMDM® Framework provides the basis for a test data management with a bright future The development of software-controlled vehicle functions, in which modern environmental sensors provide important information on the driving... more
openMDM® Framework provides more efficiency and transparency in the field of driving performance/consumption The field of driving performance/consumption at a large German automobile manufacturer deals with the development and testing... more
Peak Resource Planner (PRP) ensures a better utilization of test facilities At the beginning of 2009, Peak Solution was commissioned by a worldwide leading manufacturer of gas engines with the design and implementation of software tools to... more
openMDM® Framework provides for a systematic documentation of results from an extensive field test Through trials and field tests, valuable findings can be acquired in terms of the suitability for daily use and series maturity of fuel... more
Peak Solution standardizes the evalutation of operational data for test benches In the facilities of a large German automotive manufacturer, the scheduling of vehicles on roller test benches is implemented by an individually designed... more
openMDM® Framework: Peak Solution adds workflow components to openMDM® Framework In the field of our customer’s vehicle safety, huge amounts of measured data need to be stored and evaluated. For the standardized... more
Peak Resource Planner ensures conflict free planning of tests at TRW OSS The automotive supplier TRW currently has a staff of over 60,000 employees, producing modern vehicle safety systems at 185 locations across the world. Since the... more

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