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openMDM® Framework provides more efficiency and transparency in the field of driving performance/consumption

The field of driving performance/consumption at a large German automobile manufacturer deals with the development and testing of templates for driving performance and fuel consumption for vehicles and vehicle components. In an economic environment with rapidly changing oil prices, these are the key factors for the competitiveness of new vehicle models. In particular the reduction of fuel consumption is a shining example of how different components (bodywork, engine, power transmission, tires, etc.) influence the way the development targets are achieved.

To be able to accurately evaluate the various test bodies, extensive test series are necessary. These are performed using modern test benches and powerful measurement and evaluation systems. The wide range of variables to be taken into account requires an appropriate data management system that accurately supports the test engineers in their tasks.

Against this backdrop, Peak Solution has implemented a central solution for test and measurement data management on the basis of openMDM® framework, offering the following functionalitybietet:

  • Provision of templates for the flexible description of tests and measurements, including their basic conditions
  • Simple commissioning of tests through a user-friendly dialog control and defined interfaces for test benches and measurement systems.
  • Central storage and administration of original measurement values and test results in a standardized format (ASAM ODS), including the accompanying descriptive information (metadata)
  • Structured exchange of measurement data and test results between the various applications
  • Different persons can use the application to easily and flexibly access the wide variety of test data and selectively retrieve and compare individual pieces of information. For further processing and evaluation of the data, the FAMOS, DIADem and Excel systems are connected via so-called “loading ramps”.

The service-oriented system architecture and the generic application model of the solution ensure that the changing requirements and workflows of the department can be represented flexibly and with little effort. In this way, the solution can be continuously adjusted and extended step by step.

The openMDM® framework offers the department a single platform that is open and manufacturer-neutral, and with which professional test and measurement data management can be economically implemented.