• Peak ODS Server

    Utilize the full ASAM ODS standard


On a glimpse

The Peak ODS server is a platform-independent, high-performance solution for storing and accessing test and measurement data based on the current ASAM ODS standard 6.1. Using the Peak ODS server provides many advantages compared to a non-standardized test data management approach.


Match the physical quantities and units of various measurements to one another


Document the context of your measurements in a comprehensible way over the long term


Compare and evaluate measurements and test results from different sources


Use best-of-breed measurement and analysis tools for your validation tasks


Avoid cumbersome conversions when exchanging test data between teams and tools


Define data models that match the subject-specific requirements of different test domains


Scale-up your data management gradually in terms of number of users, data volume and spatial distribution


Protect your test data from unauthorized access by assigning permissions

 Future proof

Due to ongoing maintenance and further development of the standard at ASAM


What is ASAM ODS

ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) is a worldwide active standardization organization where experts from OEMs, Tier-1s, tool vendors, engineering service providers, and research institutes meet to commonly standardize development and test systems for the automotive industry. In ASAM e.V. more than 350 companies and research institutes from 18 countries and 4 continents work together to define and develop automotive standards. For more information visit www.asam.net. Peak Solution is actively involved in the work of ASAM to further develop new and enhance existing standards, in particular the ODS standard.

The ODS (Open Data Services) standard defines how measurement data and the related meta data is stored together. It specifies the structure for the saved data and provides standard API’s to access the data. An ODS server ensures that test data is saved following the ODS standard for data storage and provides the standardized API for any ODS compliant tools, e.g. evaluation tools.  Read more about the ASAM ODS standard  at https://www.asam.net/standards/detail/ods.


What does it provide?


Use the full ASAM ODS 6.1 standard!

Peak ODS Server supports the storage and access of data following from the full standard ODS 5 to the newest version ODS 6.1, including Extended Query,  Managed Files and Session Auto Close. All specified mass data storage options like “BLOB” in database, “external component files” and "single point storage" are supported. It provides an implementation for data access via CORBA and via HTTP API.

Run ODS on the infrastructure of your choice

Peak ODS Server can run on Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL or just Derby. We deliver installations for Windows and Linux based server environments.

Store and access your measured data and meta data

Due to its modern application design, small as well as large quantities of data can be managed easily and with great performance in local applications or across different sites, regardless of the number of users

Authenticate with the technology of your choice

Peak ODS Server is able to use different technologies for authenticating like LDAP, SAML, open ID and many more. 

Connect with the evaluation tools of your choice

Using the Peak ODS Server most evaluation tools can directly access the data in the ASAM ODS standard.

Secure all test data based on rules in your ODS data store

With the Peak Permission Manager (PPM) you are able to define rules for access onto test data, e.g. based on project assignment, location, car models, departments, test types and any others. Assigning those rules to user groups makes sure that all stakeholders have only access to the data relevant for them.

Go standardized into Big Data

With the Peak Big Data Extensions (PeakBDE), Peak Solution provides ASAM ODS compliant software components, which are suited for storing, accessing and processing huge amounts of test data within a Hadoop environment following the ASAM ODS BigData extension standard.

Run your test data management in the cloud

Peak ODS Server enables you to scale your test data management globally into the cloud. Delivered as docker images or Kubernetes application, Peak ODS Server ensure that you can horizontally and vertically scale your test data management at any cloud provider such as MS Azure or Amazon AWS.



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