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Peak Solution contributes to new standard ASAM OpenLabel 1.0

Peak Solution is committed to using open standards when implementing products and projects. We are a member of various standardization organizations in the automotive industry and participate actively in working groups in different standardization organizations. One of the working groups Peak Solution contribute to lately is the ASAM OpenLabel standardization group which resulted in the release of the first version of a new standard ASAM OpenLabel 1.0.

We have experienced in diverse customer specific projects how difficult it is to come to a common understanding in the process of labeling data and in particular to exchange labeled data between company departments. Often the labeling process has evolved in a step by step approach including manual and machine based labeling in many companies and departments in parallel. The thereby used structures and expressions are often decided based on individual situations and therefore differ strongly between different departments and companies but also between times of recording / annotating as many annotation expressions became either deprecated or even changed their meaning over time. 

Obviously those developments left big room for standardization to allow for a common understanding of the annotations over department and company boundaries. Peak Solution decided to put its experience into the standardization working group to contribute to the public standard, also to gain more understanding together with other participants and finally bring those benefits back to its active customer community.

In the working group Peak Solution brought in its practical experience in labeling data and driving scenarios in e.g. regarding aspects helping to identify objects in the data which are “worth” to be labeled and therefore part of the overall annotation. Another aspect in labeling is the relevance of the data / identified for legal aspects, both related to the safety of the overall system as well as to the personal protection data laws, e.g. DSGVO.

Important for Peak Solution is the interoperability of new standards to already existing standards. Being part of the process to specify the overall master structure of the ASAM OpenLabel JSON format we ensure that the aspects of a standardized test data management are considered and that ASAM OpenLabel and other OpenX formats are well compatible with existing standards for test data management such as ASAM ODS.

The new standard ASAM OpenLabel will improve the data exchange between different stakeholders in the ADAS / AD development process and ensure the interpretability of annotations beyond department and company boarders. It gives a good planning foundation to Tool and software service providers, like Peak Solution, for the development of their software products and projects.

Having finished this important milestone Peak Solution will continue to work in the standardization of OpenX Standards, in particular having its compatibility with existing test data management standards in mind.

More information to the standard please refer to: