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Peak ODS Server supports Simcenter™ Testlab™ Data Management

Siemens takes Test Data Management to the next level

Simcenter™ Testlab™ provides a fast and easy comparison of measurement, analysis and simulation results of multiple test objects. This is based on powerful functions for data organization, visualization and reporting. With the new version of Simcenter™ Testlab™, users can now upgrade their data backend using an ASAM ODS database. In such a configuration, the data can be published in a customizable data model along with contextual information. This allows users to easily share the data with colleagues, other teams and departments, or even with suppliers and customers. All stakeholders can search for the data based on uniform engineering properties and context information in an ODS-compliant way.

For publication and searching of test data, Simcenter™ Testlab™ interacts with the ODS Server of Peak Solution, supporting the latest ASAM ODS standard and databases such as Oracle, MS SQL and PostgresSQL. Engineers can thus use Simcenter™ Testlab™ both for the local management of project data and for accessing centrally stored, ODS-compliant data sets. This way, they can evaluate, compare, report and share test and simulation results with their teams. Even with large amounts of data, technical insights are efficiently provided.

Uniform Data Exchange with Peak ODS Server
(Source: Peak Solution GmbH)

Thanks to the standardized interface, other ODS-compatible tools can also access the data storage and consume the data via the Peak ODS Server. This improves interoperability between different tool chains and enables companies to pursue a consistent strategy for test data management. At the same time, cross-application issues such as the authentication of users, management of access rights or harmonization of physical quantities and units can be managed centrally, independently of individual tools.