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Peak Test Data Manager File Focus – The easy way to get started with using ASAM ODS

When validating vehicle functions, the amount of test data generated by data loggers and sensors increases every year. At the same time, the test methods and tools used are becoming more complex and interdisciplinary. Test managers expect interpretable and comparable data to be easily available for test preparation, analysis, and reporting with different tools. However, poorly documented test data spread across multiple system-specific data silos make data sharing difficult. Leading OEMs and suppliers are therefore pursuing a consistent, cross-domain strategy for managing test data. Among others, such a strategy includes uniform guidelines for measurement and analysis systems with regard to data storage and access.

“Peak Test Data Manager (PTDM) –  File Focus” is an out-of-the-box and easy-to-use solution for managing test data and measurement files from a variety of test domains. With regard to data storage and data access, the solution is 100% based on the ASAM ODS standard. This ensures a high degree of interoperability and interchangeability of test data among tools, teams and test domains.

Building Blocks of Peak Test Data Manager – File Focus

(Source: Peak Solution GmbH)

The solution´s data model for managing metadata is derived from the ASAM ODS-compliant application model of openMDM®. On the one hand, this allows the hierarchical structuring of test data on several levels (e.g. project, sub-project, test, test step, measurement, measurement file and measurement channel) and, on the other hand, the definition of templates, with which the context of test files can be described uniformly. Ingestion and labeling of the measurement files can be done either manually or automatically via the Peak Data Transfer Tool.

The new ODS 6.2.0 gRPC interface and corresponding plugins enable users to directly access the meta and bulk data of the managed files. They can use the web-based interface to navigate in the data storage and search, visualize and select specific measurement files. All data and files managed by the solution can be made available to other tools for further processing either via file exchange or direct access via HTTP API.

Companies that rely on the ASAM ODS standard as part of their strategy for test data management will find in PTDM – File Focus a lightweight entry-level solution which can be integrated into existing tool chains with manageable effort and gradually expanded for further requirements.