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Tools for Test Field Management as a Cloud Service

In vehicle development, the conflict-free planning of manifold verification and validation tasks is becoming increasingly complex. Accordingly, the responsible of the various test domains demand easily available tools for test field management.

Peak Solution has responded to this demand at an early stage by providing Peak Test Management Suite as a Docker image. Soon, the solution will be available as a fully- fledged Kubernetes applica-tion as well. This makes it even easier for customers to integrate Peak Test Management Suite into their internal cloud architectures.

Additionally, Peak Solution will offer Peak Test Management Suite as a cloud service (SaaS) with a corresponding license model. This provides users a wide range of further advantages:

Since the software is already installed and configured, users have access to a wide range of test field management functionalities already within a few hours. No more time is wasted on the tedi-ous clarification of hardware requirements, installation and configuration. And it doesn't matter whether the company is just implementing a Proof of Concept (PoC) or whether the solution is used in operation. In both cases users can concentrate fully on their business processes right from the start.

According to the principle "Think big - start small", it is possible to start first with a small number of users and concentrate on the absolutely essential business processes. The application can then be successively scaled up to more users, business processes and locations without having to worry about the underlying hardware requirements.

At the same time, the user fee adapts flexibly to the respective scope of use. This eliminates high investment costs for hardware and maintenance. 

And last but not least: users can enjoy the latest software features at all times without having to worry about software update cycles and the resulting installation and upgrade work.

Please contact us for more information related to test field management as a cloud service.