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Functional Data Exchange (FDX): An important step towards virtual vehicle development

The prostep ivip FDX Working Group, in coordination with the VDA, has defined a standardized data format for the exchange of functional data between OEMs and suppliers (here). Functional data are measured, estimated or calculated characteristic curves, arrays of characteristics and parameter values of vehicle components. Development engineers need this information for defining simulation models. Peak Solution has been supporting the FDX Working Group with organizational services and industry-specific know-how regarding the use of data management standards since 2019.

The new standard aims streamlining the processing of functional data by compiling all relevant information in a machine-readable format. With this format – on the one hand – a data requester will be able to describe his requirements on specific functional data. On the other hand, the data supplier will be able to fully understand these requirements, so that the relevant test or simulation data can be generated. The format instructs the data supplier in terms of mandatory and optional data and requirements for submission. For quality assurance purposes, the format and the data structure incorporate software based checks for the identification of missing or incorrect entries.

Basis for the FDX data format are the widely-used industry standard ASAM ODS, the related ATFx data exchange format (XML) and the openMDM application model. This allows centrally managing huge amounts of FDX files with the help of open, tool-independent data management solutions such as Peak Test Data Manager.

Different OEMs and suppliers have started with implementing first applications of the standard. At the same time, an “Implementor Forum” will be launched by the FDX Working Group in 2021. Users, tool vendors and service providers can use this to exchange experiences with the application of FDX. This ensures a high scale of interoperability for different FDX implementations.

Altogether, FDX is another example of how the targeted use and combination of mature industry standards like ASAM ODS and openMDM improve the efficiency and quality of development and validation processes at OEMs and suppliers in the long-term.