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Peak Test Management Suite 4.2: Closing the gap between test planning and measurement data management

Peak Solution has released version 4.2 of the Peak Test Management Suite. This makes it possible to synchronize test requests with ODS-based systems, like openMDM© and Peak Test Data Manager. There, the information from the test requests serve as meta data for the context-related description of measured data.

Meta data is crucial for the classification, navigation, exploration, search and evaluation of measured data. The administrator of Peak Test Management Suite can configure which attributes of a test request are relevant for transferring into the connected ODS system. Additionally, the user can define, at which state a test request shall be transferred, e.g. once the test has been ordered and once it has been executed. This allows the user to see the difference between the parameters of a test request and the actual execution of this test.

Peak Solution has used the Peak Data Transfer Tool as the technical basis for implementing the ODS connector. If required, additional application-specific source or target data formats can be added at any time.

With the new ODS connectivity users of Peak Test Management Suite can now take full advantage of ODS-based measurement data management systems. The benefits are:

  • Uniform data management for different measuring systems
  • Clear interpretation of measured data in the long-term
  • Standardized interfaces for data access
  • No dependencies on specific measuring systems or analysis tools
  • Future-proof basis for measurement data storage
  • Fulfillment of proof-obligations in accordance with legal requirements

As from January 2019 the first customers of Peak Solution already benefit from the ODS connection.