• Your IAM System: The
    Peak Security Suite

    Physische und logische Sicherheitsanforderungen nahtlos integrieren


Peak Security Suite - The smart addition for your physical access control

If you are pursuing one or more of the following project goals for your physical access control, you have come to the right place with the Peak Security Suite!


Your current software for physical access control does not support the processes and functions you need, e.g. for badge management, visitor management and application and approval processes. Peak Security Suite expands your existing solution without you having to costly replace the access control hardware.


You need to expand your physical access control, but your existing system cannot be expanded so easily or you like another manufacturer more. Peak Security Suite can integrate an old, existing physical access control system with a new one and enable uniform process management.


Due to growth, mergers or acquisitions, your company has a heterogeneous physical access control landscape at different locations. You now want to standardize these without having to replace the hardware. In this case, Peak Security Suite takes care of the higher-level management of the various access control systems in one application and provides a central overview of all authorizations.


It is time to introduce a new physical access control because your system is out of date or you want to upgrade to new hardware. Peak Security Suite offers the necessary tools and functions that greatly simplify the migration. This includes, for example, predefined procedures for the transfer of data from legacy systems, the reorganization of authorizations, the pre-production of new ID cards and the provision of new authorization data in the connected systems.