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Peak Test Management Suite: A solution to the increasing planning problem with Excel

A lot of test fields use Excel to plan, control and document test runs. The reason for this is obvious: creating an Excel application is often a quick and cost-effective way to manage test resources or schedule test activities. But with the increasing complexity of the test field, the historically grown applications inevitably reach their limits.

At the latest when the Excel tables are edited by several users at the same time or the same data is maintained redundantly at different points and the plans created, with dependencies to other plans, have to be adapted again and again to changes in the project flow, the managers know: “We have arrived in the data jungle”.

This is where Peak Test Management Suite often comes into play. It offers users the option of centrally managing any type of test resource in a database and scheduling time for tests and other activities using powerful calendar functions. In addition, different workflows can be flexibly defined, e.g. for the approval of planned activities or the event-based notification of people.

There is another advantage of Peak Test Management Suite: The solution can be gradually introduced into the company with reasonable effort. According to the slogan “Think Big – Start Small”, the platform often is first introduced as a team solution. Then, further test deparmtents are integrated step-by-step, usually solely by configuration and administration. Ultimately, this can lead to a global, company-wide cloud solution for planning and controlling a wide variety of test domains.

In contrast to an internal development project, which has a complex structure, involves a lot of effort and affects a large number of company areas at the same time, implementing the Peak Test Management Suite has a lower risk. Additionally the users do not have to wait in vain for years for a solution to their growing planning problem with Excel. All in all, a cost-effective approach for more efficiency in the test field.