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Peak Test Management Suite: “Validators” allow a flexible implementation of specific processes for scheduling test resources

Test facilities are faced with an increasing complexity of planning processes. The challenge is to schedule a variety of tasks, assign suitable resources such as test beds, measurement equipment and test engineers, and avoid at the same time potential scheduling conflicts across departments. Home-grown tools based on MS Excel or Outlook are increasingly reaching their limits.

With Peak Test Management Suite, users can cover much of their functional requirements for a professional, multi-user test planning through configuration. Examples are the individual definition of resource and activity types, rules for assigning resources to activities or templates for creating test requests.

However in each process some special requirements and validation cannot be foreseen by stand-ard software. An Example for an extended standard function could be the following check: “Once a test request has the status ´Ready for Execution´, it must have exactly one instance of a test bed assigned and a sample should have the status “onside” .

Those extended requirements for planning functions can be implemented with so-called “validators”. This is a piece of Java code which is registered in the Peak Test Management Suite by an ad-ministrator. “Validators” can be used to extend the standard functions of Peak Test Management Suite and integrate them into the application without changing the source code. Of course, individual user interfaces and rules for the automation of planning tasks can also be integrated in Peak Test Management Suite on the basis of this concept. In this way, users can flexibly implement com-plex processes for scheduling test resources with Peak Test Management Suite.