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The Peak Test Data Manager (PeakTDM) is an open, flexibly adaptable platform that enables you to save test data from different sources in a standardized way and to search, document and evaluate it locally and globally.



Store your data in the standardized ASAM ODS format


Standardize meta data, channel names and measuring units

 Test Lab Management

Integrate your test process with the Test Management Suite

 Share & Exchange

Share your test data with internal and external partner

 Expert client

Use the expert client for advanced operations and customization

 Big Data

Use scalable Big Data Technologies to run Advanced Analytics

     Search & Navigate

    Search and navigate through all your test data worldwide

     Import test data

    Manage test data coming from a variety of measuring, simulation and validation systems

     Cloud enabled

    Operate PeakTDM in the cloud as Docker and Kubernetes applications

     Test evaluation

    Start your evaluation with the evaluation tool of your choice

     Web based

    Use our convenient web application from anywhere to access global data sources


    Secure all relevant process data against unauthorized use.


    What does it provide?

    Use data in the ASAM ODS format with the Peak ODS Server

    PeakTDM leverages ASAM ODS (www.asam.net) for the persistent storage and retrieval of test data. The Peak ODS Server makes sure any ODS compatible application can access the test data.

    Customize your test field data model and application

    With PeakTDM you can create test templates to describe different types of tests. This allows you to use the platform in a variety of fields of application, such as for the storage of acoustics, engine and crash measurements as well as the management of simulation parameters, driving scenarios and bus data. You can ensure that all relevant context and result data of a test is described in a standardized manner.

    Manage measured data and meta data

    PeakTDM provides powerful navigation and search capabilities, helping you to find the data needed quickly. You can browse several databases using a configurable tree view or define and execute meta data based search queries. Search results data can be exported into defined file format (e.g. ATFx) for exchanging them with colleagues, partners, customers or suppliers, as well as transferring them to connected systems for post-processing or analysis purposes.

    Import your data automatically from varios data sources

    Peak Data Transfer Tool (PeakDTT) as part of PeakTDM converts measurement and meta data of various data sources into your application model. The tool provides plugins for a variety of data formats like ATFX, MDF3, MDF4, CSV, TDMS, DAT, ATF and many more. Users can add additional plugins for application specific source and target formats at any time.

    Connect with the evaluation tools of your choice

    Most evaluation tools can directly access the data stored in the ASAM ODS standard. With "Launcher" you can directly start your client and / or server-based analyzes and evaluations out of Peak Test Data Manager.

    Secure all test data based on rules

    With the Peak Permission Manager (PPM) you are able to define rules for access onto test data, e.g. based on project assignment, location, car models, departments, test types and any others. Assigning those rules to user groups makes sure that all stakeholders have only access to the data relevant for them.

    Go Big Data

    The Peak Big Data Extensions (PeakBDE) provide you ASAM ODS compliant software components, allowing you to store, access and process huge amounts of test data with scalable Big Data technologies

    Run your test data management in the cloud

    With PeakTDM you can run your test data management in the cloud. Docker images and Kubernetes containers allow the horizontal and vertical scalability of your system on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

    Integrate with Peak Test Management Suite

    Measured data is worthless without meta data which describes the testing context PeakTDM integrates seamless with Peak Test Management Suite to take over all relevant meta data into the ODS repository during the planning and preparation. Enjoy the seamless integration of your test and test data management.


    Find out more

    Here you will find further information on the basics, capabilities and fields of application of the Peak Test Data Manager

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